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A holistic way to improve your health.

Dedicated to providing  100% natural healthcare treatments for your health needs.

 When our body is out of balance, illness or disease can occur, and our bodies sometimes need help to restore that balance.

Either as preventative measures, treating injury, ailments or more chronic illness, using a variety of therapies can help people manage pain, improve immunity, increase mobility, and help people manage changes in our lives such as pregnancy, bereavement, menopause and trauma.

Complementary Therapies can alleviate stress and anxiety, boost energy levels, increase immunity and stimulate the cardio vascular system, soothe digestive system and drain lymph. Many ailments of today are caused by a build up of free radicals and waste products held in our bodies, by stress, trauma, diet and other lifestyle factors. 

Advanced Reflexology Techniques, understanding of Clinical Aromatherapy and the application of Advanced Massage Therapy, Articulation,Soft Tissue and Mayofascia Release can provide a whole treatment plan for an individuals needs. 


Cowan House

Health and Lifestyle Centre

23, Ellenborough Park

Weston Super Mare

BS23 1XQ



Available Treatments
  • Clinical Reflexology

  • Clinical Aromatherapy

  • Massage Therapy

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