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Debbie Haswell
BSc Hons Complementary Healthcare.

M.A.R  (Association of Reflexologist)

FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapies)


I provide individualised treatment packages, committed to providing a personal and caring service, and building positive relationships with all of my clients. 

As a holistic practitioner my philosophy is to address the holistic needs of the individual, and believe that many of our ailments are interrelated. Therefore, when providing a healthcare plan it is important to take into consideration all of the persons needs and conditions rather than in isolation. 

I am a Clinical Aromatherapist, qualified to prescribe and administer aromatherapy, essential oils, used for a whole host of health care needs. Individualised products, such as skin creams, gels, sleep aids, pain relief gels, stress relieving aromasticks, muscle relaxants, wound healing and much more.

I am also a registered practitioner for Reflexology Lymph Drainage- a specialised technique supporting lymph drainage, by stimulating the lymphatic system through reflexology. Spinal and digestive issues, light touch and energy work can also be applied through advanced reflexology techniques. Fertility support, through to pregnancy and labour support are also available. 

I also hold advanced massage therapy techniques, Acupressure, Mayofascial release, Soft Tissue release, Deep tissue body work, articulations for rehabilitation of accident, injury, sports related issues.  Light massage and pregnancy massage are also available, incorporating bespoke aromatherapy blends.

I have experience in both clinical and medical environments, and can support individuals through illness, post surgery rehabilitation, chronic pain and palliative care.

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